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Laboratórios Bagó

Laboratórios Bagó, the leading company of Bagó Group, was founded in 1934, by Sebastián Bagó, in Argentina. The Pioneer, Laboratórios Bagó was the first lab to import penicillin to Argentina.

Synonym of Quality
Since 1960, Laboratórios Bagó started to stand out as one of the leading Argentinean companies. The company has been participating in the Latin American pharmaceutical market growth, supporting scientific development and quality of life in the area. Currently is one of the most important enterprises of the continent, leader of the healthcare market, counts on over 4800 employees, commercializing reference medicines, having the property of those and the license in multiple therapeutic areas through its branches around the world and exporting for over 45 countries.

Industrial Structure
Strategically distributed across the Latin America, Bagó’s industrial structure integrates pharmaceutical units, pharmochemical and research & development centers. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these units have achieved the annual production capacity of 35 tons of active principles and 75 million pharmaceutical units, in order to supply the most leading-edge treatments and international demands.