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Research & Development

Laboratórios Bagó has become a leading company on the Latin American pharmaceutical market. The success could only be achieved due to the strong commitment to the quality of its employees, scientists and experts, and also due to the constant investments towards research & development.

Research & development play an important role on Laboratórios Bagó’s mission. Scientists, multidisciplinary qualified teams and cutting-edge equipment allow the advanced research on the constant pursuance for new molecules and drugs associations, as well as new galenic forms.

Laboratórios Bagó first priority is the pursuance for innovative solutions for the most complex pathologies, with the purpose of making quality medicines available to a multiple diversity of people around the world.

Among the most significant conquests, we outline:

  • Hydrophilic Array
    Completely developed by Laboratórios Bagó, the hydrophilic array is an advanced system which allows the controlled releasing of the active principles into the patient’s organism, providing a better convenience and adherence to the treatment. An innovative therapeutic process that can be found in multiple products of Bagó’s line.
  • Trifamox IBL
    Concerned about the increasing resistance presented by the bacteria against different antimicrobials of clinic use, Laboratórios Bagó has developed an original combination, gathering the established Amoxicillin to Sulbactam, inhibitor of beta-lactamases, preserving its antibiotic efficiency.
  • Magnesium Valproate
    Laboratórios Bagó has achieved an important success on the neurological field by developing this molecule for the treatment of epilepsy, offering a more efficient and more secure alternative to treat this disease.
  • Alprazolam Sublingual
    After a researching process of over two year, Laboratórios Bagó was the first lab of the world to develop the sublingual type of alprazolam, which is used to fight the different kinds of anxiety in a quick manner.
  • Talniflumate
    Discovered by Laboratórios Bagó, the molecule is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug of excellent gastric tolerance.