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Bagó Group

With an innovative profile, Bagó Group is a leader in healthcare in Latin America. It is formed by a pool of solid enterprises, oriented as to healthcare and the improvement of quality of life.

Proud to be Latin American, the group was founded in 1934, in Argentina, and today is one of the most significant in the world pharmaceutical market. With an outstanding presence in Latin America and extending its roots over the world, it counts on over 6500 employees that share the same values of innovation and the same ideals of growth.

Organização Bagó is today, the owner of brands that are synonyms of quality.

Bagó Companies

Among many companies of diverse market segments that form the Bagó Group, we outline:

  • Laboratórios Bagó
    Pioneer on pharmaceutical and pharmachemistry production, was founded in 1934, in Argentina. Owns a wide line of products, and is present in over 45 countries and with 4 strategic divisions: Massive Consumption, Women Health, Bagó Pharma and Bagó Tecno.
  • Química Montpellier
    Founded in 1957, is oriented as to the development, production, and commerce of pharmaceutical products.
  • Disprofarma
    Founded in 1979, is oriented as to logistics and distribution of medicines. Today is the major distributor of medicines in Argentina, delivering over 170 million units of medicines on a year bases.
  • Nutricia Bagó
    Dedicated exclusively to nutrition, the company emerged from the joint of Nutricia Holanda, the only company of the world dedicated exclusively to scientific nutrition, and Laboratórios Bagó, in the year of 2000.
  • Biogénesis Bagó
    Since 1940 commercializing biotechnological and pharmaceutical products for veterinary use, is a regional leader in animal healthcare, and its products are present in over 24 countries.
  • Laboratórios Bio Profarma
    Dedicated to the development and commerce of oncological and biotechnological products.
  • Victoria Seguros
    Since 1921 carrying out an important role in the market, the company has become a solid and responsible enterprise, in the field of insurances.