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Laboratórios Bagó in Brazil

Laboratórios Bagó do Brasil is a pharmaceutical company outlined by its competencies of innovation and vision of the future. The company is an important part of Bagó Group founded in 1934, in Argentina. Being established in the country since 2002, its founders have created an organization with a solid reputation based on ethics and commitment towards quality. The slogan “Ethics at the service of Heath” holds an special place on guiding the company’s actions, and so does the premium, the priority ingredient of the organization’s roles.

With a head office and a plant in the city of Rio de Janeiro, a distribution center in Brasilia and representatives in the major centers of consumption in the country, the company develops, distributes and commercializes innovative pharmaceutical products.

With an excellence and reliability standing, the company progressively attracts more attention and the trustiness of the country’s medical class, acquiring the respect of Brazilian’s consumers.

Laboratórios Bagó do Brasil is proud of being part of the first pharmaceutical organization in Mercosul, highlighting with pioneering its trajectory of success and constantly support to the conquest of the Human well being.

Excellence in medicines
The company has a line of multiple products, including antibiotics, antidepressives, anti-infectives, antihypertensives, anxiolytics, anti-inflammatories, antitussives, beta blockers, antidiarreheals, phytotherapics and dermatological medicines with testified efficiency.